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We build community.

Since 2000, CityMark has created landmark residential and mixed-use buildings throughout San Diego’s urban neighborhoods. Our mission is to create iconic and memorable communities by integrating high architectural design with modern functionality.

Re-imaging our urban cores and infill neighborhoods, CityMark remains focused on respecting the integrity of the past while stimulating new thought. We enhance the character of our environment through responsible, well-designed development.

“CityMark isn’t just building homes, they’re building a relationship with their owners. We’ll be calling them to see what they’re building when we’re ready for our next home. That is, if we ever move!”

“I’ve lived at M2i for three years and I still think it is an amazing building. The people here are friendly and I really feel like I know and enjoy my neighbors.”

“We absolutely love living at Fahrenheit. The condo is gorgeous and the location is fantastic. We couldn’t be more pleased with our new home.”

“We spent the day running around…  searching for the perfect New Year’s Celebration – only to land at home and spontaneously celebrate with all our fabulous neighbors… how could ask for more?  Thank you CityMark for taking such care building our  neighborhood with the best neighbors ever!”